Few days ago we released new great version of Forms – v4.0 (read more). We want to celebrate it with you. Therefore we bring you this amazing offer for this month:

If you do not want to miss the time limited offering let us know on via contact form or send us an e-mail inphinity@inphinity.xyz.

What is Forms?

Forms is a write-back Qlik Sense extension. Thanks to it you can enrich Qlik applications by your own additional inputs. It is self-service from automated next-style installation up to defining your own editable objects in Qlik. Therefore it is only up to you where and how to use Forms. Forms is already certified as trusted by Qlik itself (read more about TED).

Why Forms?

  • Write-back right in Qlik Sense application – text, numeric, date, ranking, list, checkbox, drop-down list
  • Update multiple rows of table on one click – batch update
  • Use Qlik Sense as you do – all selections and filters are respected
  • Design your own input forms in edit mode of Qlik Sense app
  • Manage access by using custom properties in QMC
  • View detailed info about all changes made through Forms
  • Let your Qlik Sense app intuitive – design is inspired by simplicity of native Qlik Sense objects

You can download the latest Forms right here and watch the video on this link.

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