Forms self-service Qlik input extension

Become INDEPENDENT of spreadsheets – Forms v4.0 is here!


Forms v4.0 brings great new features:

  • new write-back to a database
  • multiple folders for XMLs
  • conditional coloring of fields
  • horizontal scrollbar
  • enabling/disabling export button
  • integrated technical documentation

You can download the newest Forms right here and watch the video on this link.

Forms is a unique and user-friendly Qlik Sense extension that lets you enter your own inputs directly in Qlik Sense – comments, deadlines, responsibilities, custom categorizations, action plans, rankings, plans/budgets/forecasts or any other data.

Just several clicks and that´s it! Creation of your own input table in Qlik is super-easy. Just drag&drop the extension and define its fields and additional settings in properties panel right in Qlik Sense application.

All this without having to deal with a demanding and extensive implementation. You do not need any special skills, everything is ready in a few seconds thanks to automated installation. No database required – all data can be stored to XML files.

What Forms enables you to do?

  • Write-back right in Qlik Sense application – text, numeric, date, ranking, list, checkbox, drop-down list
  • Update multiple rows of table on one click – batch update
  • Use Qlik Sense as you do – all selections and filters are respected
  • Design your own input forms in edit mode of Qlik Sense app
  • Manage access by using custom properties in QMC
  • View detailed info about all changes made through Forms
  • Let your Qlik Sense app intuitive – design is inspired by simplicity of native Qlik Sense objects
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