We have released a brand new version of Forms  – Forms v6.0!

Forms 6.0 has the longest list of new features we ever had! Almost all of it is based on our clients’ feedback and requirements. So, we hope you will like it, too 😉. What’s new?


Automated multinode installation

Since many of you have multinode Qlik Sense environments we decided to be helpful and support multi-node installation – in Forms 6.0 you find an installer for your RIM nodes – they will be connected to your central node automatically!

Group-based access control

Do you have hundreds of Qlik users and want to manage their access to Forms in a seamless way? Thanks to Forms 6.0 you can use different types of groups that are available on user level in your QMC!

Do you need to change the type of access management? A new automated wizard will help you do it secure and fast!

New field types: currency & traffic light

Based on your requirements we have added currency type with editable currency sign, thousands and decimal separators.

As a bonus, we have released also a traffic light – very helpful for your workflows or priorities!

New toolbar button: refresh

What if my colleague did any change in the same Forms a few seconds ago? I can now be sure I see the latest value thanks to a new refresh button. It refreshes only the object – less than one second even in big apps! And if you don’t like it, you can still hide it in the properties panel.


Option to hide toolbar labels in small Forms objects

More and more use cases are solved by Forms each day. Sometimes you need to add a small but powerful Forms object to your sheet. To save space you can now hide toolbar labels in Forms action buttons.

Improved Forms Admin app

In the improved Forms Admin app you will find:

  • Database connection wizard
  • License allocation overview
  • New design

You can download the newest Forms right here or ask your Qlik partner.

If you want to get technically inspired watch Forms TechTuesday video series.

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Enjoy Forms 😉,

Maria Inphinity Sandorova

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