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Self-service input extension

Easy to use just like a standard Qlik table. No coding, no complex configuration. 

Fast and simple implementation

Next-style automated installer makes it super-easy. You can start taking advantage of it in 10 seconds.

Inphinite use cases for everyone

Design your own input form directly in Qlik Sense. Create your custom fields. Add any values or flags to your data.

Multiply the value of your Qlik Sense

Inphinity Forms is a self-service Qlik input extension already certified by Qlik as Trusted Extension (TED). It allows you to enter your own inputs directly in Qlik Sense: comments, deadlines, responsibilities, custom categorizations, action plans, rankings or any other data.

Therefore, using Forms brings you:

Time savings – fast installation & implementation, no more exports, missing files or data accuracy issues

Minimizing errors – one trustworthy single source of truth, no copies of files, full change log

Cost savings – no need to pay for extensive implementation or buy another tool for another input use case

You do not need an external team or any special skills to implement it. Everything is ready in a few clicks. As a result of its Qlik-inspired design and customization in properties panel it is very intuitive for all Qlik users.

Inphinity Forms in the real world

“Forms is a great tool that enables us to remove spreadsheets from our business modelling in Qlik, save time and bring information faster and hassle-free to the people who need it.”

Pavel JinochCommercial Manager, Alliance Healthcare

“Inphinity Forms is a brilliant write-back, seamlessly integrated in Qlik. The ops team loved the concept of rapid and secure write-back and creating a clear evidence trail. We use Inphinity Forms in combination with Qlik & Ping for data quality improvement. We also use it to create real-time clinical data capture apps within Qlik Sense. And we see many more highly appealing use cases.”

Rob O’NeillUniversity Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

“I can honestly say the Forms product has transformed our budgeting process and made it far more integrated, seamless and collaborative.”

Jeff BrownGeneral Manager - Supply Chain, Mayo Hardware

Get inspired

Leads management

Be focused on your business, not on your spreadsheets.

Do you use spreadsheets for evaluating your business pipeline and commenting leads? Now you can do it directly in Qlik Sense app. In addition you can add business stage or probability of closing the deal. They will be used in evaluation process – automatically.

Marketing made easy

How much time do you spend looking for the latest version of your excel?

Marketers maintain and manage mailing lists, sensitive data processing consent, event registration and much more. No more confusing Excel sheets full of errors edited by many people. Use Forms to have your centralized manual inputs in Qlik Sense.

Capacity planning

Use Forms as a centralized source of trustworthy data. 

Now you can manage capacity allocation and schedule of your team in Qlik Sense app. Add new tasks, deadlines and assign responsibilities. Update what you need whenever you need and see history of all changes.

Data privacy

Forms is a native functionality in Mole Data Privacy Analytics.

Thanks to Forms you can now store all information about approvals and legitimate interests according to storing personal data. The ranking function comes in handy here as it evaluates the relevance of information in documents and allows you to categorize it.

Parameters and inputs

How often do you hear that the file has been edited/deleted by mistake?

Do you use spreadsheets or text files stored somewhere on the server? Do they manage your processes and calculations? With Forms there is no need to go to server to edit relevant parameters and inputs for your calculations. You can simply edit them directly in Qlik Sense application with full change log.

Inphinite other use cases

All spreadsheet processes can be simplified and secured thanks to Forms.

Imagine all processes depending on spreadsheets in your company. Would it be bad if someone saved the wrong data? Do your people edit their own copies of the same file? How fast can you get the latest data? All business related data, pipelines, contacts and customers data, internal lists, e.g. overview of employees and their phone numbers or holiday approvals…

Happy Inphinity Forms users



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