FORMS - Unique self-service write-back in qlik

Easy to use

Self-service just like a standard Qlik table. No coding, no complex configuration. Deployment in seconds. A product easy-to-be-loved by users.

Fast and simple implementation

Just several clicks and that´s it! Implementation of Forms is super-easy so you can start taking advantage of this feature in no time. 

Infinite use cases for everyone

Design your own form directly in Qlik according to your business needs and requirements. Create your custom fields. Add any values or flags to data in Qlik.

Multiply the value of your Qlik Sense

Create a simple, clickable spreadsheet directly in Qlik Sense without help of others. With Forms certified by Qlik as Trusted Extension Developer (TED), you will be able to comment on, plan, or enter various additional information about current records or manage various lists or data sheets.

All this without having to deal with a demanding and extensive implementation. You do not need any special skills, everything is ready in a few clicks. Click below on purple „Launch DEMO“ button and see how it works for yourself!


Comments, deadlines, responsibilities, custom categorizations, action plans, rankings, plans/budgets/forecasts or any other data.

Forms is a unique and user-friendly Qlik Sense extension that lets you enter your own inputs directly in Qlik Sense or outside for users without a license.

Extend your analyses

Have you ever wanted to comment your P&L, general ledger report, sales performance report, campaign outcomes, operations review analysis, item list, project and task status or anything else directly in Qlik Sense? Have you ever wanted to rate and rank your people, items, products, add and update project or task deadlines, assign responsible people or group your accounts or products into custom categories for high-level analysis, and much much more? Of course, with all entered data retrieved and saved back to Qlik Sense and used immediately for further analysis? Now you can do it with Forms.

What can you add?

You can add any custom fields. You can blend your data with current data in Qlik. Or you can enter completely unrelated data and connect them to the model later.

Available fields:

  • Text – such as comments, notes, links, and more
  • Numerical data – values expressed numerically as numbers, amounts, etc….
  • Dates – enter dates, deadlines, comments …
  • Value interval – percentage, levels
  • Combo box – value list
  • And more…

Get rid of Excel

Do you consolidate sales or performance data from many users who don’t have access to BI? Replace all input and parameter files in text or excel files. Settings directly in Qlik Sense ensure data consistency of inputs without the need of manual formatting. You also get a complete list of changes made through Forms, including the time a particular change has been carried out and the user who made the change. And consolidation is automatic and it is a matter of seconds saving tons of time and hassle.

Fast implementation

With its own installer, you can implement Forms in your environment within seconds. Working with the extension in the application is a piece of cake – you create your own forms in a few clicks. With full self-service capabilities of Qlik that you are used to.

Simple layout

The simple visual layout goes well with the native Qlik Sense objects, making Forms an intuitive part of every application. Despite its simplicity, it has a robust back-end and it provides great added value – enter your own inputs, change data, and modify multiple records simultaneously, write back into xml or database and much more…

We have recorded for you complete presentation of Mole
so you can learn more about this tool

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Forms in the real world

“We are really happy with the outcome, it’s a really great tool for the team to budget with. Thanks so much!”

Jeff BrownGeneral Manager - Supply Chain, Mayo Hardware

Forms and few of it’s use cases

Trade supervision

Sales directors can track business and evaluate it in-app. Sales reps can add info such as the business stage, commit/best case feedback, a probability of closing a deal, or even add a note “contact again in about half a year”. Complementing your CRM system or even having a light CRM system directly in Qlik.

Marketing made easy

Marketers can maintain and manage mailing lists, sensitive data processing consent, event registration and the like. No more confusing Excel sheets full of errors edited by many people with subsequent manual consolidation and errors.

Capacity planning

Team capacity allocation and schedule. Add specific times, employees, ranking, machine performance, and so on. Add notes to colleagues about failures or deviations from the standard, define initiatives, assign responsibilities and deadlines.

Data privacy

The ranking function comes in handy here as it evaluates the relevance of information in documents and allows you to categorize it and assign legitimate interest of storing personal data. It is a native functionality in Mole Data Privacy Analytics.

Tasks management

Check fulfilment of tasks by people or teams. Indicate whether the job was delivered, in what quality and when, whether the deadline was met or what is the next milestone. Determine to what extent (percentage or rating) the job is completed or redefine priorities and responsibilities.

Create a workflow in Qlik Sense

Create workflows in processes in Qlik Sense – vacation approval, four-eye verification, workflow dependencies, etc. All rules can be specified according to your requirements.

Discuss via comments

Users can directly comment on specific results and values in the Qlik app and communicate when drawing up a plan or a process. Save time spent on e-mails, Excel-work or meetings.

Enter manual inputs

Enter manual entries before further processing or records, e.g. add group accounts, add new accounts, add notes to the accounting records in the process of drawing up financial statements.


Just fill in the information and you´re good to go.

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We will get back to you as quick as we can