Rule your unstructured data


File content served on a plate

Extract text content from files including additional information – words, frequency of their use, position in a document, etc.

Rely on metadata in your documents

The connector will provide metadata about all files, such as names, dates, owners, and other data.

Change unstructured data to structured

Create your own analyses and solutions adding your own semantic layer on top of the unstructured data to tap any of the million of unstructured data analytics use cases.

Stay informed all the time

Access a completely new world of data. Get your creative hands on unstructured text data from word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, openoffice, html, scans, pictures or emails and many other sources.

Mole Unstructured Data Connector will turn your unstructured data into structured and make it ready for analysis

Finding specific data, entities, patterns, relationships in files across repositories, systems, servers, user stations or e-mails can be challenging. But not necessarily.

Mole Unstructured Data Connector is able to handle unstructured data and prepare it for further analysis in an environment you are accustomed to.

Mole Unstructured Data Connector can extract text content, words or any details for example, how often words are used or where they are placed in a document. The connector also provides metadata, i.e. names, size, dates, owners or authors, as well as information about unavailable files.

This is an excellent foundation for you to add value to and create a semantic layer and a solution of your choice in any BI tool.

Mole Unstructured Data Connector and few of it’s use cases

HR agencies

Thousands of unstructured CVs turned into structured data. Filter by capabilities, certificates, locations. Analyze relationships between experiences, identify TOP people, analyze sentiment and find early enough if an employee is about to leave.

Tech companies

Mapping technical documentation in DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, and so on. Search over all documentation. Prevents duplicate creation and helps with support solutions and maintenance.

Consulting companies

Map the knowledge base of a consulting company. Internal categorization of documents will allow you to add additional dimensions and views. Combined with Forms you can further tag or edit additional descriptive information.

Law firms

Overview of all contracts and other legal documents. Find specific information in existing contracts, find entities, search for associations in documents.

Financial institutions

Thanks to a complex view on client data from diverse sources, financial institutions can better understand clients and target their financial product offering more accurately. Data can also be used to assess client’s creditworthiness, helping with analysis of the client’s documentation.

Educational institutions

Overview on documentation and research results. Data preparation for analysis and evaluation of the quality of students’ work and detection of plagiarism. Mapping content of educational publications.

Marketing agencies

Browsing and analysing client lists, leads, contacts, content and their links. Preparing data from media monitoring for complex analysis. Support for your online marketing strategies.

Medical institutions

Mapping of data in healthcare will help establish a more accurate diagnosis, set more effective treatment or optimize the treatment procedures. Analyze patient records, such as discharge reports and combine the unstructured content with structured records such as diagnoses, length of stay, medication, etc.

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